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Why a new designed ball joint boot?

We listened to our customers!

A few off-road customers that went in mud pits, crossing riverbeds and streams, wanted a fully sealed ball joint boot vs the semi sealed classic ball joint boots.  We used the Classic boots on our arms from 2007 to July 30th 2020.


JBA Classic style ball joint boot with boot washer, boot floats with the ball stud, semi sealed ball joint boot.2016-11-21 12.30.14


New Standard boots eliminate the boot washers, with a nylon cable tie to hold the boot in the machined groove in the ball joint housing. The boot seals the joint 100% from the elements when in mud pits, crossing riverbeds and streams.

Ball Joint Boot 8

Ball Joint Boot 7

Ball Joint Boots 2

Ball Joint Install 2020

90 deg sq