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Who is NoFraud?

JBA Offroad has partnered with NoFraud.com

NoFraud is a third-party fraud detection service that reviews all orders placed on JBAoffroad.com for fraudulent activity.

NoFraud is an additional layer of consumer protection, by preventing the use of stolen cards and or payment info.

If you receive an email from alert@jbaoffroad.com or alert@nofraud.com after you place your order this means your order is being held until further action is taken by you.

NoFraud will send emails to confirm you are a legitimate customer and owner of the Credit Card or PayPal account.

NoFraud may send text messages to confirm you are a legitimate customer. 

NoFraud may call you for the purposes of verifying orders currently under review.

If you get an email from JBA Offroad saying your order is on hold because your order failed NoFraud.

Look for their email in Spam or Junk, please respond ASAP! Your order will not ship till NoFraud.com responds to JBA Offroad that this order has "PASSED" Fraud detection.

If you do not find the email you can contact NoFraud directly by emailing myorder@nofraud.com or by phone at 1-888-773-3669

Order Billing Address must be the billing address your bank card has on file.


  • Proxy detected
  • IP geolocation is distant from the billing address (placing the order when you are out of town)
  • Irregular device activity detected (VPN)
  • Card Verification Value (CVV) Does Not Match
  • A new email address is being used (typed email wrong in the order form)


Why did JBA partner with NoFraud.com?

USA Identity theft Number of reports in 2020 Change from 2019
Credit card fraud 393,207 up 44.7% from 2019

To protect against Theft!


Sorry for the inconvenience!
Marlin Gehman
JBA Offroad