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What is the warranty on the JBA upper control arms?

The JBA UCA warranty

JBA has a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of our upper control arms.

One-year warranty on ball joints, bushings, and powder coating.

Lifetime Warranty on JBA Upper Control Arms

What will void your JBA warranty?
What will void the JBA 365-day return policy?

  • Adding ball joint spacers to the JBA upper control arms.
  • Adding bump stops that hit the JBA upper control arms
  • Adding limiting straps to the JBA upper control arms
  • Cutting, grinding, welding, or otherwise modifying the JBA upper control arms
  • Using the arms on a vehicle that they were not designed for or a lift kit they were not designed for.
  • JBA upper control arms are not designed to be used when stacking two lift kits together.


Last updated on August 28, 2023